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Origin Story:

Our journey began in 2015 as a small family of three from Ontario, Canada: Eric, Brandi, and Alice. With a foundation in meditation and mindfulness, three decades of programming experience, and 20 years of running a midsize corporation, we set out to create a series of apps designed to make the world a better place. Our core beliefs are deeply rooted in the principle that Code Can Care.

In 2018, we were blessed with the arrival of Hazel, who joined our family and brought even more joy and inspiration to our lives.

In 2022, we were thrilled to welcome Matt Head, Adam Skinner, and Ameer Hamza to our team. Their expertise and enthusiasm have brought new energy to our mission.

Our mission is driven by the hope that you, and all beings on this planet, will:

Be safe and free from inner and outer harm.

Be healthy, happy, and live with ease.

Experience freedom from anger, pain, and suffering.

Be filled with peace, joy, and compassion for yourself and for others.

We send and wish all these blessings to your side of the screen, hoping that they grow and fill your life more completely with each passing moment.

With warmth and gratitude,

Eric, Brandi, Alice, and Hazel

Meet Our Team

Eric Head
Role: Founder & CEO
Twitter: @codecancare
Eric is the visionary behind Code Can Care, leading the team with decades of experience in programming and corporate management.

Ameer Hamza
Role: Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Ameer ensures our systems are secure, bringing his extensive expertise in cybersecurity to the forefront of our operations.

Adam Skinner
Role: Senior Security Analyst
Adam plays a crucial role in maintaining the security of our applications, utilizing his deep knowledge and analytical skills.

Matt Head
Role: Senior Security Analyst
Matt collaborates closely with the team to identify and mitigate security threats, ensuring our solutions are robust and reliable.

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